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Design Analysis - Lay's Potato Chips

Design Analysis – Lay’s Classic Potato Chips

Today I am taking a closer look at the visual differences between Lay’s Classic Potato Chips sold in Australia (pictured right) and Asia (pictured left). As part of the Frito-Lay group – which also includes PepsiCo, Lay’s is a brand that
PackagingDesign Analysis Concettas Croqs

Special Packaging Design Analysis – Concetta’s Croqs

Today I’m sharing a special video with you, which will be part of an ongoing series during the first season of Channel 10′s new television show, Recipe to Riches. These food and beverage products are not being exported internationally, however my
Tasmanian Butter Packaging

Tasmania’s ‘Clean & Green’ Brand

Tasmania’s agriculture, aquaculture and food production industries export a diverse range of products through a wide variety of distribution channels – from retail through to food service. The industry is highly dynamic and driven by international (as well as local) consumers,
Design Analysis - Oreo

Design Analysis – Oreo

Today, we are taking a closer look at an iconic brand – Oreo. Know worldwide for it’s distinct blue branding and bubble typography, this packaging design comparison shows very few differences and is an excellent example of a brand with clout
Design Analysis - Lipton Tea

Design Analysis – Lipton Tea

Today I am looking at the visual differences between Lipton Yellow Label Tea sold in Australia (pictured right) and Singapore (pictured left). Interestingly the two packaging solutions are not totally distinct from one another – let’s look at them in closer
Design Analysis - Milo

Design Analysis – Milo

Today I’m looking at the visual differences between Milo sold in Australia (pictured left) and Milo sold in Singapore (pictured right). A quick inspection shows many obvious visual communication differences, here are the key takeaways: 1. Around the logo, the Singaporean
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